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What Is Unique About Us?

Personalized care and comfort for your dental needs

Conservative / affordable diagnosis

We work on Fridays & evenings

GUIDED dental implants

LASER fillings

LASER gum treatment

LASER caries detection

Can be reached any time

On time - we respect your time

We ask about your needs and meet them

Spend quality time listening and communicating

Go the extra mile

Hypnosis - to reduce fears

Family run business: Karl and his wife, Devyn

And we actually do all of the above - and more!

Benefits To You

No over-diagnosing

Children have fun at our office

We’ll meet your dental needs

Excellent customer service along with quality treatment at reasonable fees to you

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State of the art, high-tech dental equipment

Respectful communications

Have your pain eliminated

Gentle dentistry with a caring manner

N2O (nitrous oxide) for relaxation (no charge)

Conscious sedation

Free 2nd opinion

Senior discount

Easy payment plans



Medford Oregon dentist office

Karl E. Schneck, DDS PC

A Medford Oregon Dentist Office You Can Trust
Offering Complete Family, Implant, and Cosmetic Dental Care for Children and Adults
With Modern High-Tech Dental Care

Laser Dentistry in Southern Oregon

(Laser Dentistry for Children & Adults)

Our Goals to Our Patients

Our goal is to provide you with a quality dental experience where you will feel welcomed, relaxed, cared for and safe. This quality also includes a professional, efficient environment where your concerns and needs will be heard. We strive to create a trusting, long-lasting relationship with all of our patients. Many of our patients are amazed that they can have fun and laugh while at the dentist. We look forward to hearing from you.

We exhibit our professionalism by treating every patient and co-worker with respect and care. This includes running our appointments on time. We are friendly, knowledgeable, competent, patient and compassionate. Dr. Schneck and his dental staff go out of the way to treat each patient with that “extra” caring touch so that each individual will feel welcome.

Our goal is to develop great communication with our patients; to develop trust and rapport. We will inform you about every aspect of your dental care which would include information about your dental problems, choices for treatment-the advantages and disadvantages, possibilities of phased care, our policies and your financial obligations. We will customize a dental plan that is based on your individual needs and concerns.

If you are anxious about dental care, check out our services for “Cowards” that will help you relax and feel more comfortable while receiving your dental treatment. Take a look at our “high tech” where you can see options to make your dental visit easier and faster. Just imagine, less trips to the dentist where you can have fillings performed in less time and often with no shots with a modern dental laser. With Cerec crowns, Dr. Schneck can custom match your front crowns as an in-office procedure for optimal esthetics. Dr. Schneck places 3D guided dental implants utilizing the most modern diagnostic, treatment planning, and procedures available. Root canals are completed in one appointment. Check out our Senior Center for senior citizen dentist care.

Children / Pediatric DentistryMedford pedodontic logo

Come check out our “Kid’s Corner” where you can learn about how we interact in a positive way with children; where children can have fun and laugh. Your children can hang out in our kid's room where they can play X-box or videos and have fun. Here your children will also be safe while the parents are with Dr. Schneck. Dr. Schneck is not a pedodontist (specialist), but he has a special interest in children's dentistry and he does the same treatment as a pedodontist, except we don't force cooperation with general anesthesia or traumatize children with a papoose board. He and several of our assistants have had extensive training in pedodontic dentistry. We see many children who come to us after unsuccessfully seeing a pedodontist and we have been able to treat most of them with slow and gentle care. Pedodontics, with either a pedodontist or a general dentist having a special interests in pedodontics, probably requires more patience and care than any other area of dentistry. Check our Pediatric page to see why we're the best dental office to bring your children and for helpful information and tips. Dental services for pediatric patients include sealants, orthodontics (removable orthodontic appliances, braces, and clear aligners), and laser dentistry.

Guided Dental Implants / 3D Cerec Crown Integration

By placing dental implants utilizing 3D computerized scanning of the jaws, we are able to integrate Cerec crowns, another 3D dental technology, to achieve the most precise and accurate implant / crown result possible. The advantages to the patient are a faster and less traumatic procedure, as well as greatly improved accuracy and safety. In addition, proper placement of dental implants utilizing 3D technology ensures more esthetic final crowns. Dr. Schneck will review the 3D scan of your jaw and the guided dental implant plan with you before treatment.

dental implant software

Convenient Location

Our dentist office has easy parking, a comforting and home-like feeling, and a convenient location next to Providence Medical Center in Medford, just minutes from Ashland, Talent, Phoenix, White City, Central Point, Eagle Point, and Jacksonville.

Modern, High-Tech Laser Dentistry with soft touch

A blend of modern, high tech dentist office and great customer service. We utilize a hard (teeth) and soft (gums) tissue laser, guided dental implants, conscious sedation, nitrous oxide, Cerec (one-day cosmetic crowns), electric handpieces (drills that are smoother and quieter), TV’s in each room, digital charts and digital xrays. Check out laser dentistry to learn more about the many advantages of fillings prepared without shots, drilling, or pain. Also, laser treatment of gum problems results in faster healing, less discomfort, and less invasive treatment. Children especially are happy with laser treatment since there are no shots involved. Actually, the adult kids seem to appreciate it just as much as the children.

See our CEREC video

Laser Gum Treatment - minimally invasive treatment

The next breakthrough in minimally invasive periodontal disease treatment, WPT (Wavelength-optimized Periodontal Therapy) is here. The PowerLase offers a patient-friendly (less discomfort and faster healing) alternative to knife and stitches gum surgery. Unlike other periodontal treatment lasers, the PowerLase’s dual wavelength capabilities allow both hard and soft tissue treatment of periodontal disease. This means the laser can remove calculus from the root surfaces and reshape bone defects as well as remove and sterilize diseased soft tissue. WPT's minimally invasive periodontal disease treatment optimizing dentistry’s two best laser wavelengths is available only with the PowerLase dual wavelength laser.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Cerec crowns and veneers offer one appointment solutions as well as exceptional cosmetics. In addition we offer ClearCorrect for orthodontic treatment, a newer and more advanced system of clear aligners similar to Invisalign, white fillings, and whitening for a more cosmetic smile.

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Dentist Office Hours: Monday - Thursday 8:00-6:00; Friday 8:00-5:00

(541) 779-4344

(after hours call 702-561-4600)

1094 Royal Court Medford, Oregon 97504

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