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A tooth that erupts incorrectly or seems unable to erupt at all means you should visit Crater Lake Dental as soon as possible to have the problem addressed before it results in further complications. We offer a basic review on treating impacted canine teeth for patients who require timely treatment for this issue.

When a tooth doesn’t erupt through the gum line, it is considered to be an impacted tooth, which means it’s stuck in the gums and may affect the other teeth and cause oral cysts. While most impacted teeth are the wisdom teeth, the second most common culprits are the canine teeth, which are the maxillary cuspids found between the incisors and molars.

Impacted teeth are more responsive to treatment when they receive early detection, and the treatment can be more conservative and successful. If you feel like your canines are struggling, it’s important to schedule an oral exam at Crater Lake Dental so that our dentist can locate the tooth using dental X-rays and determine the best possible treatment method.

Correcting the issue can often be as simple as removing some gum tissue to reveal the tooth and enable it to erupt fully, but some cases are complex enough to require an orthodontic attachment that pushes the tooth to erupt over the next few months or year.

We invite you to contact our office at 541-779-4344 today if you would like to come see Dr. Karl Schneck or Dr. Victoria Nguyen and discuss your options for treating an impacted tooth in Medford, Oregon.