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Do you know what is causing your sensitive teeth and why it is happening? Are you hesitant to enjoy your favorite drinks or foods because of pain you sometimes experience? If so, remember the first step to treating a condition is finding out the cause.

Did you know a cracked or fractured tooth can cause sensitive teeth? If you have a broken or split tooth, it’s important to seek treatment right away. Tooth decay is also another reason as to why your teeth hurt. Tooth decay eats away your tooth enamel, exposing the nerves of the tooth and causing you pain.

One of the most common reasons for sensitive teeth is by brushing too hard with substantial force. If you brush hard with tough bristles on your toothbrush, then you could be scratching away your tooth enamel and not realize it. This can lead to painful sensitivity. If you do not brush and floss regularly, you are leaving your teeth exposed to bacteria and plaque that eat away your oral health.

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