Cosmetic dentistry is easier now today than ever before. With the advent of high-tech dentistry, it is easy to get the look that you want: from the straight white teeth that has been prominent for the last 20 years to today’s new trend of the natural looking teeth.

Dr. Victoria Nguyen have been creating natural looking crowns for over 8 years with CEREC. With customized shading done in the office, our dentist can design and color crowns that will match your natural teeth or achieve a look that is natural, yet slightly better than your real teeth. Whereas many offices have to send their crowns and veneers out to labs for special coloring, we have the equipment in office to customize the shape and shading along with the patient.

A new trend in cosmetic dentistry is the natural look or the look of imperfection. Part of this new trend is the desire to have teeth that look real instead of the ultra-white, perfect, “chicklet” from the past 20 years. This is easily accomplished with the CEREC. Dr. Nguyen will design a crown that will blend in with your natural looking teeth. He will custom shape the crown and add custom shading so the crown matches your other teeth.

Some patients are wanting a look that is professional and natural. As quoted in the New York Times, “the discreet look is in. Lawyers, doctors and other professionals “are not interested in people noticing their smile. They just want to have a nice smile. They don’t want to be known for their smile.”

Several top models like Vogue model Georgia Jagger and Sports Illustrated cover girl Jessica Hart have natural gaps in their front teeth. Women are wanting to emulate this look and are heading to their dentist for cosmetic makeovers. This gap is called a diastema and is easily created with orthodontics.
Many patients are concerned with improving their chances of employment in today’s competitive job market. Customized crowns can give the 40-60s age group a more youthful appearance, especially when competing for jobs with the 20-30s candidates.

Whatever your desire for your own appearance — white, straight teeth or natural looking teeth — our dentist can utilize excellent artistic techniques in cosmetic dentistry.

Other techniques that help whiten that smile are bleaching, orthodontics, white fillings, porcelain inlays, onlays, crowns and veneers.