Why make a 1-tooth problem into a 3-tooth problem by grinding down the adjacent teeth and cementing a bridge to replace a missing tooth? Over the long haul, the bridge will likely have to be replaced about every 10-15 years, on average. A dental implant and crown can be expected to last about three times that long.

Dental implants have come a long way so that now they can be placed with extreme precision based on knowledge of bone quality and quantity obtained from sophisticated 3D X-rays. In our office, we start with this X-ray and merge the data with a proposed ideal crown (from Cerec 3D crown technology) so that the best placement of the dental implant and crown can be accomplished virtually with 3D planning software. This integrated combination (3D X-ray, 3D planning software, 3D crown generation, and 3D surgery guide) is all done with unrivaled accuracy. Anatomic features such as nerves or arteries are easily avoided with this precise planning which results in a 3D surgical guide having accuracy to within .2 mm. The entire guided surgery is more accurate, faster, easier, safer, and much less traumatic. And, perhaps best of all, this high-tech approach is actually less expensive than the “eyeball” method as a result of completely in-house technology. Healing time is fast and pain is usually very minimal or non-existent. It is now considered standard of care to utilize 3D X-rays for planning and it won’t be long before computerized surgical guides are also standard of care. All the technology is available now and it doesn’t make sense to compromise using freehand techniques or makeshift guides. Please call if you have any questions. We also have special long-term financing available for implant procedures.

The essential dental implant ingredients:

  1. 3D X-ray – cone beam computerized tomogram (cbct) for high resolution, low radiation, 3D images
  1. 3D planning software – enable precise placement of dental implants taking into consideration the final crown, patient’s anatomy, and bone quality.
  1. 3D crown design – crown design done in CEREC and data imported into 3D scan
  1. 3D surgical guide – the key to precise surgical placement of dental implants