Inlays and onlays are ceramic restorations that can be used instead of plastic or silver fillings. Many patients have chosen to replace their old silver-colored fillings with these longer lasting, tooth colored restorations. Inlays and onlays are utilized when there is still a healthy enamel portion of the tooth. An inlay or onlay will be fitted into the remaining portion of the tooth to help increase its strength. An inlay is used when there is not damage to any of the cusps of your tooth and is essentially place within these cusps. An onlay is used when there is slightly more extensive damage to the tooth structure. This type of restoration is placed over at least one of the cusps on the tooth. This procedure can be performed in just one dental visit. Contact us at 541-779-4344 for an appointment with Dr. Victoria Nguyen, our skilled dentist, about inlays and onlays in Medford, Oregon.