Our goal is to give your children a positive, fun dental experience. This takes using our gentle, kid-oriented dental techniques and language with parent cooperation. We encourage you to sit in the room with your child during his/her dental treatment. Siblings are also welcome to watch and participate. Maybe during your child’s cleaning their brother/sister would like to help vacuum out the extra toothpaste. We strive to bring out your child’s positive behavior that helps make their dental visit easier. We do this by complimenting them on something they did that was helpful.

We use words that are positive for the child’s dental visit such as “putting the tooth to sleep” instead of “shots.” It is also helpful if parents would also use words that won’t scare their child. Call us and we will send you a sheet of these words that will help your child have a positive dental visit. We ask that you don’t promise your child a reward for their dental visit. This lets them think that the dental office is such a bad place that they need something for going.

Dr. Karl Schneck and Dr. Victoria Nguyen are not pedodontists (specialist), but they have a special interest in children’s dentistry. Our dentists and office staff will give your child all the time they need to feel comfortable and be excited about coming to the dentist.  Dr. Karl Schneck, Dr. Victoria Nguyen, and several of our assistants have had extensive training in pedodontic dentistry.

We differ from the traditional pedodontic dental office in several main points.  One is that we don’t papoose kids (this is where your child would be placed on a board and tied up so they can’t move – this is extremely traumatic for the child and in many cases for the parent as well).  Another is that we don’t believe children are difficult (we believe that we need to identify what scares your child, what motivates your child, whether they need to watch and know everything or not). A third difference is that we take the time that YOUR child needs to feel comfortable – we aren’t in a rush to push your child through treatment.  We believe in creating a positive dental experience for your child that will follow him/her through their entire life so all future dental visits will be a pleasant experience, and we will do what it takes to achieve this positive experience.  We have a wonderful assistant, Stacy, who has the most incredible relationship with kids.  She is so amazing that she has to be seen and heard to be believed and the kids absolutely adore her.

Stories from our Pediatric Patients
Joanie was terrified of the dentist. She had already seen a children’s specialist, which did not work out. She soon saw another dentist who spoke meanly to her and actually slapped her. That dentist had recommended that she go to a pedodontist in Roseburg and be put completely out. This would have consisted of 3-4 visits and an additional cost of over $1000. Joanie came to us, and Devyn, Stacy, and Dr. Schneck spent half an hour with her, showing her the laser and explaining how everything we were going to do worked. Joanie was one of those kids who liked to know how things worked. As soon as she was comfortable (she let us know when she was ready), we began her treatment. Her mom could hear her laughing from the front room. Joanie told us what fun it was and literally jumped for joy when she found out that she did not have to go all the way to Roseburg to see the dentist. Joanie told us that she loved coming to see us.

Ted had never been to a dentist, and as usual we wanted to make sure that he had an incredible first experience. Devyn had his mom sit in the dental chair so he could play dentist. Ted squirted him mom with fun squirt gun, blew dry her air with the air blower. He used his dental mirror and tooth counter and peered into his mom’s mouth. As soon as he had tried out everything, Ted jumped into the chair onto his mom’s lap and counted his own teeth. As Dr. Schneck was fixing his cavities with his magic laser, Ted stopped us to announce that he really liked going to the dentist.

Call the office of Karl E. Schneck, DDS, PC for an appointment at 541-779-4344. We hope to serve you with pediatric dentistry in Medford, Oregon.