At your child’s first dental exam appointment, we will teach your child to be comfortable with dentistry by using words that they will understand, explaining the procedures, showing them our dental equipment and letting them play with it themselves. This visit should occur when the first tooth comes in and will include a thorough oral examination, X-rays, a cleaning and fluoride. If your child is only ready for the examination, we will do the cleaning at another day convenient for you.

Your child will receive stickers, a fun electric toothbrush and floss. Dr. Victoria Nguyen will discuss your child’s dental needs with you and you will receive a written summary of their diagnosis. Our trained dental staff will give your child an oral hygiene demonstration. You will also receive literature on tooth eruption, care of teeth and nutrition.

Routine dental care, which includes cleaning every 6 months and a yearly exam, will help your child prevent cavities. As children learn from their parents, it will also help your child maintain good dental habits if they come with you on your 6-month cleanings and checkups. Regular tooth brushing can be a fun family event. We look forward to meeting your child and you.