In our dental office, we pay special attention to our senior citizen patients at Crater Lake Dental. Since oral health is so important at any age, we understand the need for senior citizen dental care in Medford, Oregon. In our practice, we have seen three generations of a family visit us for appointments and love treating families!

Some of the dental conditions and disease that can plague our Baby Boomers include:

  • Dry mouth disease, or what is known as xerostomia, which contributes to an increased chance of developing cavities. Dry mouth affects 25% of the senior citizen population and can be caused by illness, medication, chemotherapy or radiation therapy. Even though there is no cure for dry mouth, there are lifestyle changes and treatment options; these include proper dental care, using a humidifier at night, using a non-irritating mouthwash, avoid caffeine, and refraining from using alcohol, nicotine, and spicy or acidic foods.
  • Receding gums that can create more decay in the exposed tooth root and cause tooth sensitivity. Receding gums are the result of gum tissue that pulls back away from the teeth, which then exposes the roots of the teeth.
  • Long-term smoking increases incident of oral cancer. Some of the signs of oral cancer include: swelling, lumps, or crusty and eroded areas in the mouth, chronic sore throat or voice changes, ear pain, difficulty swallowing, speaking, moving the tongue or jaw, or chewing, a feeling as if something is caught in the back of the throat or soreness.
  • If a patient has dentures, they can become loosened, due to changes in bone ridges caused by age, weight gain or weight loss. Patients who wear dentures need to have regular visits to the dentist to ensure the dentures are still allowing function and that they have not become loose or damaged.

To learn more about caring for senior citizens or to make an appointment with Dr. Victoria Nguyen, please reach out and call us at 541-779-4344.