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Are you suffering from any underlying conditions with your physical health that could potentially affect your smile? Did you know that diabetes is one of them? As nearly 30 million Americans are currently suffering from diabetes, it is important to understand its relationship to your smile. It can lead to several health risks and affect your body’s ability to properly process sugar. Not only that, it can cause other ailments and issues within your body as well. Fortunately, our dentists are well aware of the issues and has several treatments in place to ensure that your smile can continue to be kept safe even if you are suffering from diabetes. If you have diabetes, be sure to let our dentists know.

Are you at an increased risk of dental damage due to the fact that you are suffering from diabetes? If so, you do not have to worry, because our dentists are well prepared to help treat individuals that are suffering from diabetes. If you’re a diabetic, it is important though to be aware of any additional risks that you may be suffering from. You will be at an increased risk for slower recovery time associated with your oral health care because diabetes can cause delays and complications.

Another common risk associated with diabetes and your smile is linked to the fact that diabetes can often cause your mouth to produce less saliva. Saliva loss can often lead to what is known as dry mouth. This is where it gets tricky, as dry mouth has been known to cause tooth decay and gum disease and considering that gum disease can increase your blood sugar, in turn, it will make diabetes more difficult to handle.

If there is anything more you wish to know about diabetes and its effect on your smile, contact our office in Medford, Oregon. Furthermore, you are welcome to schedule an appointment at Crater Lake Dental by calling us at 541-779-4344. Drs. Schneck and Nguyen look forward to taking your smile to the next level.