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Enamel erosion is a dental issue you should prevent as much as possible. This problem occurs when you overexpose your teeth to acid by regularly eating and drinking acidic foods and drinks or even vomiting frequently (this is common during pregnancy and when someone is bulimic). It’s best to avoid acid exposure altogether. To help you do so, you can drink acidic drinks through a straw and rinse your mouth with water after your teeth have been exposed. Please wait 30 minutes to brush your teeth.

Some reasons why you should prevent enamel erosion include:

-Enamel erosion opens the channels in the tooth that lead to the tooth nerve. This causes tooth sensitivity.

-Enamel erosion wears away the enamel and exposes the underlying dentin, which causes tooth discoloration.

-Enamel erosion weakens the tooth enamel enough that it can be easily cracked or chipped.

-Enamel erosion makes the tooth vulnerable to cavities.

-Enamel erosion can change the form of the teeth by creating indentations in the surfaces.

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